“A Surgeon In Somalia” Audio Slideshow Critique

The audio slideshow I decided to critique for JRN 340 is A Surgeon in Somalia  and it is about just that, a surgeon fighting for healthcare facilities in underprivileged areas. Dr. Omar Saleh is a surgeon that travels to locations without healthcare and helps to create sterile areas where people can come and have procedures done safely.

The slideshow has a definite beginning, middle and end as Dr. Omar Saleh narrates first, the history of the lack of health care in areas such as Somalia and what services he offers to those residing there. He concludes with personal stories of his best and worst experiences and leaves you with a message of motivation and appreciation of what we have here in America.

There is good pacing and transitions in the slideshow but I thought that there may have been too much time spent on certain photos that did not have a large impact. Also, I was a little disappointed in the first photo because it should draw the listener into the story but in this case it was not related directly to the story. The final photo was good for the conclusion though because of its reference to the youths that are affected by the lack of healthcare.

The problem with the captions is that there are none. I wish the creator would have taken the time to right captions and also give more information on who was in the photos. The only people referenced on the whole page were Dr. Saleh, the photographer and the producer. The audio did match up well with the photos though and as we discussed in class, the relationship between audio and visuals is very important.

There are a lot of things I would have done differently for this audio slideshow. First, there was not enough natural sound; there was only one clip of natural sound at the very beginning. Second, there should have been a title slide and I think captions were necessary for some of the photos. Overall, it is an inspirational program within the World Health Organization but I think the slideshow could use some more work.


2 thoughts on ““A Surgeon In Somalia” Audio Slideshow Critique

  1. Turrents says:

    I checked out the slide-show, and I agree with you about the natural sound; it was definitely lacking. The structure of the show was very evident, though. The narration is what really brought it to life for me, but I always love a good story.

    Good article

  2. I think you pick a good story for the audio slideshow project. They needed more sound through out the story. You hear some in the beginning but that is it. There was some nice photos in the story, but they didn’t match the story as he was explaining what was going on there. The pace needed to stay with the pictures. It would be a great story if it were put together right.

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