Multimedia Sites

I find it hard to pick a particular story that is individually most worthy of being written about on this site. This is because the whole site is filled with different forms of multimedia and is overall an extremely interactive and well-developed site. is a compilation of photos, videos, info graphics and text that keep the reader involved and interest in their site. Their pictures and videos include things like events and new technology. Multimedia shooter also uses charts to demonstrate different uses on the ipad and iphone. I personally found the black and white “Afterfall” videos to be the most intriguing form of multimedia on this site.

The site, produced by David White and Benjamin Chesterton is a multimedia journalistic blog site that focuses on photojournalism. Their blogs include updates on the site’s new available features through video, pictures and cartoons. They allow diversity in their site through open ended questions about photojournalism that inspires debates. I found their photos to be most inspirational, especially the “Take me on a journey through time and space” photo.



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