Dave Fleet

Dave Fleet writes on the topics of social media, communications, public relations and marketing and anything that could correlate with any of the above at his personal website. He is good at communicating with his followers through creating open-ended topics and replying to comments on his posts. Fleet will either thank them for their suggestions or show interest in their viewpoint.

Fleet posts regularly and breaks up his posts with different forms of multimedia such as photos and videos. I did not find any errors in his blog and he not only put links in his blog but at the end of posts he would put links as suggestions for other articles to read if the reader found the topic particularly interesting.

The thing I liked most about this blog was the way he presented the information. Instead of compiling everything into paragraphs, he often uses bullet points or numbered lists to organize a post. Also, I find videos to be a very effective form of multimedia so it was nice to see that he included them in his blog.

The strongest parts of his blog are his use of multimedia, his analysis of information and how he presents it all to the consumer. I found the presentation of his posts to be very easy to scan. They had good readability and good depth.

There is not much I can say about this blog that is negative but if there is one thing I would do slightly different, it would be to create more in-depth responses to his reader’s comments. He would respond often but I noticed they were usually a thank you rather than a true response.

Overall, Fleet has created an extremely well-rounded site that I will make sure to visit again in the future for advice in the Public Relations or Social Media fields.


Brian Solis Blog

Public Relations professional Brian Solis writes his blog about how best to communicate with customers and presents new ideas to assists current and future employees of a PR firm.

Though Solis often receives many comments on his post, his responses lack depth and additional information. He usually responds with a thank you or praise for exceptional comments from his readers. I think if he put more time into involving his readers, he would get better feedback on his blog.

Solis uses some good practices within his blog such as his use of multimedia. He uses pictures for visuals that compliment the topic of each post and also writes on topics of interest with good content. He creates well-crafted headlines and often uses an informal tone that increased the readability of his blog.

I was most interested in the content of his articles because I hope to become a PR professional someday and I thought he was very informative and covered many topics that would be helpful to a PR firm. He also writes in a way that an unprofessional can understand so that he reaches more audiences.

His analysis of topics was helpful and he made sure to create depth within his story through content and links to additional information. Solis creates new posts often as well so his blog has good immediacy. Though these were all very positive points there is also need for improvement.

His lack of responses on comments from readers leaves the consumer hanging. I also didn’t think the blog had a good setup or was easy to scan. The paragraphs are too long and should be broken up by forms of multimedia.

My favorite post was “The 4 C’s of the Conversation Company: still a long road ahead for most companies”. This informed the reader of the top four ways to best communicate with a firm’s customers and had the best readability of all his recent posts because of the way he broke up his paragraphs.

Multimedia Sites

I find it hard to pick a particular story that is individually most worthy of being written about on this site. This is because the whole site is filled with different forms of multimedia and is overall an extremely interactive and well-developed site. Multimediashooter.com is a compilation of photos, videos, info graphics and text that keep the reader involved and interest in their site. Their pictures and videos include things like events and new technology. Multimedia shooter also uses charts to demonstrate different uses on the ipad and iphone. I personally found the black and white “Afterfall” videos to be the most intriguing form of multimedia on this site.

The site duckrabbit.com, produced by David White and Benjamin Chesterton is a multimedia journalistic blog site that focuses on photojournalism. Their blogs include updates on the site’s new available features through video, pictures and cartoons. They allow diversity in their site through open ended questions about photojournalism that inspires debates. I found their photos to be most inspirational, especially the “Take me on a journey through time and space” photo.