The Web Bot

In the 90’s computer programers designed a program that would predict changes in the stock market. The “Time Monks” that created this program figured that if Web-Bot could predict the future of the stock market, then why couldn’t it predict the future of the world?? The methodology behind the Web Bot was that it was triggered by 300,000 or so keywords on forums, blogs, social networking sites and other internet sites. It would tally the types of chatter of the people posting online.
Web Bot is said to have predicted many disasters that have happened such as; the Columbia Space Shuttle, Northeast Blackout of 2003, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Hurrican Katrina, and the Dick Cheney Hunting incident.
The Web Bot has gotten most of its popularity from contributing to the 2012 apocalypse theories. It claims small nuclear wars will start in 2009 which would start a chain of events leading to major nuclear disasters in 2012 and possibly a switch in the magnetism of the poles. The Web Bot theory does not predict a complete end of the world, but possibly an end to how we know it.
This theory is even harder for me to believe than some others because the Web Bot is sort of a cheater. Since it gathers all its information from the internet, any internet site such as a weather channel site could predict a natural disaster first. The Web Bot would see this and then call for bad weather.


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