The Mayans

The Mayans are constantly quoted when referring the the end of the world. Their ancient civilization along with Nostradamus have predicted disasters all over the world. The Mayan apocalypse theory comes from a calender that they created. The Mayans created many calenders over time. Ones that predicted the location of the sun, others to help grow crops and about 13-17 others that predicted god knows what.

One of their calenders was called the “Long Count”. It started around 3114 B.C. and ended over 5,000 years later. When the Mayan’s calender was compared to the Gregorian calender the final day on both was December 21st, 2012. This is when everyone freaked out. Turns out that during that date, it is also the winter solstice. During the winter solstice, the sun and the Milky Way line up, and for some reason since this is all happening at the same time, it is predicted that the north and south pole will shift. If this happens, SUPPOSEDLY, it could cause many natural disasters on earth.  Underwater volcanoes could erupt causing floods that could flood the entire earth which would cause power and satellite failure, and all sorts of crap.

How come all of the sudden, just because the Mayans and Gregorians got too lazy to finish their calenders, now the world is going to end? The fact that their calenders ended on the same day is what I like to call a coincidence. I have no advice for this weeks apocalypse theory because I think its a load and if it wasn’t…eh, what can ya do?



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