Nostradamus Effect

Nostradamus is well known for his prophecies about the future of our world. He has predicted many devastating events well before they occurred. Nostradamus gained many followers after predicting the death of Princess Diana and the assassination of JFK, as well as 9/11, the Challenger disaster and the rise of antichrists such as Adolf Hitler. He said there would be three antichrist leaders to come to power total but the third is still unknown. As far as what Nostradamus predicts for 2012, his prophecies link to a possible flood, a comet that would crash into earth and a whole list of other natural disasters.

Now that NASA is no longer receiving funding, a comet would be a very hard disaster to avoid. Even though many see space exploration as a want and not a need for our country right now, to me it seems essential to have that option, especially in this kind of apocalyptic scenario. So the first step to avoiding a Nostradamus predicted apocalypse, would be to resume NASA funding.

The idea of a great flood seems so Noah’s Ark to me but after Hurricane Katrina and all the other natural disasters our world has been experiencing, it does not seem that unlikely anymore. If many of the volcanoes that reside under the oceans erupted in unison or even gradually, it would create such disturbance and turbulence in the oceans that giant waves would start coming towards shore, eventually flooding much of the world. As far as I know, there are few preventative measures for this kind of disaster, most of which require a lot of money, so I’m definitely screwed. If you happen to be rich, here are your tips for survival, cough*screw you*.

  1. Have a lot of money. Buy a really big and really nice boat that you could live in possibly for the rest of your life. Stockpile it will food, water and dry clothing.


  1. Have even more money. A private jet headed to a mountain far above sea level is your best bet at surviving a great flood. If you have enough money to set a plan like this in motion, then good for you.


  1. Location, Location, Location. This one is for the less financially fortunate but location, obviously, is quite important. Build yourself a mountainside safe house, preferably waterproof, and stockpile it with necessities.


Well I didn’t have very many but these are your tips for surviving the Nostradamus predicted flood. The key here is to have money and be a hoarder…two things that do not often go together, haven’t you seen Hoarders on TLC? Anyway, good luck with that 🙂



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